Tenerife, Spain


Tenerife is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean where winter seems like spring thanks to the fabulous average year-round temperature of 23ºC. A place where the people are genuinely friendly, an idyllic paradise with such diverse scenery you’ll think you were at a thousand places around the world at the same time, or even on the moon: the Teide National Park (a huge volcanic area straight out of the movies) will make you believe you’ve travelled to a different planet.

Tenerife is a holiday destination offering hundreds of things to do, seducing and enticing sun-seekers from all over Europe to its beaches to enjoy some relaxation, sunbathing and water sports; or to immerse themselves in magical natural settings that range from surreal desert landscapes to lush green mountains. And all within easy reach. An island offers so many ways to have fun and those who know us return year after year to relive incredible experiences and happy memories.

You’ll find modern accommodation, endless activities and ideas, exquisite cuisine, traditions, culture, a safe environment and hospitality. What more do you need? Just come ready to have the best time of your life.


  • An average annual temperature of 23ºC, with warm summers and mild winters.
  • 2,034 km 2 in size.
  • 3,000 hours of sunlight per year.
  • Nearly 400 km of coastline and some 70 km of beaches.
  • 43 protected nature areas (48% of the Island).
  • More than 800 species of local flora and fauna.
  • Modern network of motorways and full bus service. Tramway in the metropolitan area.
  • The euro is the official currency.
  • Two airports, one in the south (Tenerife Sur) and one in the north (Tenerife Norte), with flights to over 150 cities around the world.
  • Two international cruise ports.
  • Between 2 and 4 hours by plane from the main Spanish and European airports.
  • Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Teide National Park and the city of La Laguna


  • Five designations origin, offering a range of wines with distinctive volcanic flavor.
  • Recognized quality brands guaranteeing the richness of our products (honey, gofio).
  • Long-standing traditions combined with the gastronomy and landscape of Tenerife
  • A large gastronomic offer combining the traditional cuisine with the dishes of famous Michelin star chefs
  • Authenticity
  • Eco Tourism

The food and wine offerings that Tenerife has include numerous dining establishments of various levels and different concepts: international and traditional food, fusion cuisine, creative cuisine, etc.

  • 115 wineries.
  • 5 restaurants with 6 Michelin Stars.
  • 13 restaurants with Repsol Suns.
  • A wide range of restaurants with traditional cuisine, creative cuisine, and cutting-edge creations.
  • Guachinches – establishments with traditional food accompanied by artisan local wines.
  • Infrastructure, ETHNOGRAPHIC HERITAGE, festivals, traditions, and customs, as well as the holding of gastronomic events, all scattered throughout the Island’s geography all year round.


Tenerife offers something for everyone, including those seeking the most exclusive holiday. You’ll find many four and five-star hotels on an island boasting some of Europe’s highest quality accommodation. We also have luxury villas, usually within the hotel grounds, where privacy and exclusive areas such as gardens and swimming pools, along with first-class room service, create the perfect setting for a select, relaxing break.

Round off the experience with a sailboat trip, the chance to hire a limousine or top of the range vehicle, spend afternoons (or even whole days) shopping at boutiques and shops pertaining to the most exclusive fashion houses, for which you can even have your own personal shopper. If you’d like to take home a souvenir, we suggest a traditional handmade item such as pottery or embroidery.

Tenerife Select is the brand created by Turismo de Tenerife and encompassing the Island’s most exclusive tourist attractions, offering short breaks for any time of the year: the best choice for those wishing to pamper themselves and enjoy a unique experience. It brings together hotels, restaurants, theme parks, show venues, leisure companies and even a network of private clinics to satisfy the highest demands.