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More than 40 hectares of pure Mediterranean; olive trees, cypresses, lavender, lemon trees, pines and 10 hectares of autochthonous grapes; Callet, Prensal Blanc, Giró Ros and Monastrell which with time will deliver their bounty. A place where nature is uninhibited, growing freely with no restraints, where real flavours can be rediscovered through the simplest of foods, the fruits of the surrounding landscape. Textures to delight the eye and the perfume of olive oil leaves an indelible mark on the memory. A place to find the best version of yourself.


Unico Hotels

We believe that in our day and age the concept of luxury should be understood as a combination of new experiences, appreciation of the authentic and taking pleasure in simplicity.   All of which is underlined through sophistication, style, seduction and warmth.
“Unique” means unrepeatable; that’s why we provide and incomparable experience for our clients. Inviting then into a custom made world when each individual is treated individually.  Because that is the true meaning of luxury with the contemporary hospitality sector.


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Restaurant Jacaranda
Mallorca has a rich gastronomic offering. Finca Serena has its own generous kitchen gardens, fruit trees, and selection of natural produce … And the result? A modern culinary take on traditional roots, the optimum techniques conceived for day-to-day eating, for taking care of the body through the 5 senses. You can enjoy it at either of 2 places, our Jacaranda restaurant next to the garden (with panoramic picture windows) or outdoors, on the large terrace over the pool.

Haute cuisine/Restaurants
2 Michelin Star restaurant in Hotel Unico Madrid «  Ramón Freixa »

We invite you to explore an oasis of relaxation and wellbeing within a setting of 250 sq.m. The space includes a luxurious heated pool and a fireplace as well a must-see veranda with hammocks. A unique opportunity to find time for peace and quiet, getting back in touch with nature through all the senses in a deep and profound manner. We have an extensive menu of massages and treatments carried out by professionals specialising in natural therapies, dietetics and wellness. All treatments are offered with the exclusive and award-winning brand of Natura Bissé products, providing total care and respect for the most delicate of skin types.

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